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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    I can't believe she remembers....

    So, it's been 5 months, and she's just now 3... but Dory clearly remembers when Jack was born!!!!! I was putting her to bed tonight and she and I are talking about her toy stethoscope, she claims it hurts her ears, and thay maybe we can find her a new one and she then starts to talk about babies and where they come out and pulls down her panties and points. I tell her that is where they come out, she's right and thay they grow inside and come out when they are done. (and also explained that pee and poop come from different places than babies, she seemed to get that...)

    Then she starts in on that I was lying on the floor and there were people here and Auntie had a flashlight and they were driving in a car and came vroom vroom back here and the people and me on the floor with Jack and she got to meet Jack.....

    She's so right, there were lots of people here, my midwife, her assistant, my doula, daddy, me, and when Dory got here right afterwards Auntie and my Mom too... they had been driving around with her after being at the park and going out to eat with my IL's... and when she got back I was resting on the floor with Jack nursing beside me under a towel, that's how she met him for the first time.
    I just can't believe that 5 months later she remembers it so very well and has such a wonderful concept of where babies come from. I do not remember Auntie with a flashlight, but well, I was busy... so I won't doubt it without asking Tricia first.

    Oh, and she also confirmed yet again tonight that Ba's expected baby is a girl named 'Sammy'.



    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Wow mommy! What a bright little girl, good thing she's around, she will remind you of things you may have forgotten! Jack's birth may be one of her first memories! I love the updates and the pictures of the kids and family! Miss you!

    8:42 PM  

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