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    Friday, December 16, 2005

    I can dress myself!

    Or so she says.... as you can see she has put it on upside down. It is the preferred method for putting on a coat too. And diapers are only pulled halfway up.

    John is baking bread and has now made two batches, of which both were wonderful. I told him he is now truly the breadwinner in this family. He didn't find it amusing...

    Grandma Marcille is on her way back down for a visit and will be here through Christmas. Aunt Connie and Uncle Jack are driving down today with her. Dory has never met them, so I hope we see them before they leave!

    And I have acomplished nearly nothing this week it seems. Well, I did bake 2 batches of cookies, made Peanut Butter Fudge, and a Ravioli Casserole that didn't kill anyone. Yet.

    Dory keeps acting sick b/c her Daddy keeps trying to catch a cold. At this rate she will never get to see Baby Ba. I did get to visit for a few minutes yesterday though. It is hard to believe he is a week old today!!! I remember when Dory was a week old... I was a basketcase! Ba seems to have it a bit more together.

    Oh, and aproximately one week until I can run a pregnancy test!!! Did I tell you we are trying for #2? Posted by Picasa


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