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    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Answered Prayers

    Are always so very awesome when you actually notice them. Sammy is back home and doing very well. The vet has no explanation as to why he is even still alive, let alone why his levels are still elevated and he is doing just fine.
    Also recent.... The washer finally died. After 12 years of service to me and countless years before that. In fact it is so old.... That I have never remembered it working on more than a single setting, all of the others were broken! Well, I asked around Charlotte Mommies to see if someone else had one for sale before I headed off to the store this weekend. Amazingly, I just missed out on the rash of them a month ago. John's parents were over on Friday night and I casually mentioned it.... And they had just discussed offering theirs to us since they need to move a water heater and get a different set in the process! So, but he end of this week, I will have a much nicer, fully working, matching and super duper sized w & d installed free of charge, well... For a hug and a kiss and babysitting privileges...
    Anyway, huge prayers of praise and thanks are going up.


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