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    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Rough Weekend.

    Really rough. We went to Auntie's house to celebrate Grand's Birthday on Friday afternoon. But Sammy had been sick so Tricia dropped him off at the vet's office. About 5pm, we got really really bad news. He had kidney failure and they didn't expect him to make it through the night. Tricia ran over and spent some time with him, and held and petted him while he had an IV attached.


    He seemed to be doing better, and the vet said he should make it through the night, but his condition was still very life threatening. His blood tests had come back with a kidney level of 24. 2 is regular and 6-7 is very elevated. Sammy was very toxic. His x-rays did not even show one kidney and the other was certainly abnormally large. :(

    That night we had an absolutely awful thunderstorm, lightening everywhere. We went out to get take out dinner from one of our favorite Anderson restraunts, and it was awful. We waited for 40 minutes, only to get home and find that out of 4 orders, 4 were wrong in some way shape or form. The list of problems with dinner was long. At least desert was right, and a total surprise for Tricia. Tricia took the problems personally, even though it certainly had nothing to do with her, since she had suggested the restraunt. It was kinda the last straw of the day. She just couldn't catch a break. :(

    On a side note, there were really bad storms here in Charlotte... a piece of exterior 'molding' peeled right off the front of our house. That said, it has happened to quite a few houses in the neighborhood, and just seems to be the builder's weak spot.

    He did make it through the night. The next morning she went back and spent an hour, came home for a little bit and then went back again. I headed for the grocery while Dory slept and Grand kept watch. Tricia called in the middle of shopping asking me to take some pictures, so off I ran. We got some good stuff. 35 pics and 5 minutes of 'video'. He seemed to be doing much better and even almost himself, but his levels were still at 19.... :( Well, they kicked us out right at 1pm, and they were closed today and Tricia is not allowed to go and see him.


    That night we had homemade dinner, Pork and Pineapple stirfry as Grand had requested... It was good! And after Dory went to bed we had lemon cake with lemon icing. Yum. We got to bed late after the very tiring day. (Dory had even requested closet o bed time to go home. I think she was tired of me telling her she could not play with things... Well, that and the fact that she knew her Auntie was very sad, and she didn't really understand but she did know that she didn't like it.
    The vet called this morning (Sunday) and reported that he was doing even better still, and the IV might get to come out on Monday or Tuesday, but he still didn't want to offer much hope it sounds like. I guess we will see tomorrow.

    We are still holding out hope for a miracle. Because it will take one. Even if his levels come down, we still do not know what is wrong with him. We know it is probably genetic, and not something Tricia did or that Sammy got into. We know he is not in pain, just weak right now from the dehydration from being sick last week. And we also know that as with all vets, this is going to get real expensive real quick... And no one here has the money. :( Sammy is only 3 1/2 years old, and is Tricia's support while living in Anderson. He is one VERY LOVED CAT. Anyway, Grandma is praying, she's our prayer warrior, Mom is praying, she's second in line with the prayer, John has it from the Catholic angle, I am praying, Grand is sending out positive thoughts, and that cat is on several prayer lists at various churches. So, there is hope.

    All that said... We were on our way home this morning, and 40 miles into the drive, we find Tricia's car keys and had to go back. So, coming home was quite some trip... Not the usual 2 hours, that's for sure.

    I missed Jeremy's christening this afternoon, but caught the refreshments and Sara seemed to understand. I sure hope she got pictures!

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