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    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Pregnancy Update

    I have gained overall... 4 pounds. That completely takes into account the 10 that I lost during the first trimester, but I feel really good about where I am weight wise right now. Some of the girls in Sunday School have complained that I am still in normal clothes, until I explain to them that these were clothes that I bought after Dory was born and nothing else fit. I am moving up through the sizes and many of my smaller pieces no longer fit at all.
    Little man is kicking away and still has to be officially named, but many have already seemed to have deemed him Jack. John and I still have to sit down and discuss it though. Daddy and Dory still have not felt any kicks, but even at this moment I am a punching bag! They are getting so much stronger, and he is very active around bed time. My uterus is up past my belly button now, but you might not know it to look at me, it looks more like a first pregnancy than the supposed-to-be-much-larger second.
    The girls across the street are planning a shower, and I think it is super sweet of them. I am trying hard to come up with registry stuff, but most of the things I need and really want just are not available at Target and Babies'R'Us... and amazingly enough, many people have offered Boy's clothes, so I don't have a huge need there either!!! I am so blessed to have great neighbors for friends! They are really excited about the baby, having moved in when Dory was almost a year old.
    I have a current belly pic to download to the computer, so I will put it up sometime soon.
    Oh, and Dory got to hold the Doppler this morning at the Midwife appointment when they were counting the heartbeats. She was so excited about that! She helped squirt the gel and then managed to plunk the Doppler right down on his back; the look on her face when she heard it was so cute and full of amazement. It is easily her favorite part of going! For the record, this is the ONLY appointment between either kids that John has ever missed! I am so proud of that Daddy! He didn't miss much, today was short and sweet, other than KC wondering about the reason why I have not had any bloodwork as of yet. She also wasn't real thrilled when I declined the Rhogam shot and rh factor testing, but she didn't give me any problems about it. I mean, come on... I'm not cheating, and John and I both know at this point we are both negative. There is NO issue there. Why stick me again or give me something that has no point? It was a good visit because KC and I have had problems before, but today went smoother than I expected. The only down side to today is that we scheduled all of the bloodwork for 6 weeks from today, along with the glucose test. Oh well, might as well get it over with. At least there should not be any needles at delivery if it goes like the last one did! (With Dory, the only needle what broke skin was for a few stiches.)
    Well, I think that is about it for pregnancy news... Sorry it was a bit boring!


    Blogger Stephanie said...

    So nice to be updated on how you are so far away! Did you enjoy the Discovery Toys I got you for Dory? Would you like some more for the baby boy, or something else? Let me know! Love to all!

    11:30 AM  

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