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    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Falling down on the blog.

    Look at me not posting all week!!! I have been busy with Jonquil Mom and making slings!!!

    Ah.. I need some sleep now! Maybe in a few years huh?

    Anyway... all is well, John and I are looking at new cars and have tentatively settled on the Hundai Tuscon. The Santa Fae apparently is too small since his head hits the ceiling!!! We got some good laughs out of that one today. It might be a week or a few months before we actually purchase though, waiting on the best deal.

    Dory is good and we have aded a new line to her prayer...

    Thank you God, Love you God, Help us God. Amen.

    That's all for tonight... I have to run to the store still.

    Oh, AND 2 DAYS TO GO!!! I am so excited about the ultrasound!


    Blogger Rachel said...

    Can't wait to hear about the ultra sound!! That's always so exciting.
    Have a great week!!

    11:35 PM  

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