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    Monday, May 29, 2006

    N.O. Story Part 2

    The pigeons fly off with a dirty diaper.

    Well, right before Dory and Daddy had the great drink mix-up, Dory had loaded her 2nd diaper of the day. The first one was upon arrival after getting out of her car seat and Grandma nearly gagged so we set it outside on the balcony wrapped up in a laundry service bag. We sent daddy up to take care of this great mess because, well, it was his turn. We let him know where the bag was sitting so he could add to it since the trashcans were not lined with a plastic bag. (There must be a plastic shortage in N.O.)

    When he came back several minutes later, he announced there was no bag on the balcony. Anywhere. Well, since it was not housekeeping... As we had just arrived, it must have been a nosy pigeon thinking it had found the jackpot flying up to the 7th floor. It surely was not a balcony thief looking for jewelry. What other thief would do such a thing?

    Two days later when Dory was out for a walk to the Riverwalk with Grandma and Grandpa, they ran across a dead pigeon in a gutter. We apparently then knew who would do such a thing.

    Now, John will never allow truth to get in the way of a good story, but I will. So, truth be told, he made it up. It was still there, even as the walking threesome found the unfortunate dead.

    However.... When we went to leave on Monday the bag was indeed gone. And housekeeping still had not been by. Go figure.


    Blogger joanne said...

    LOL - ya know the pigeon really could've been the culprit - I wonder whether it'd been dropped on some poor unsuspecting persons head - gross! :) or it could've been a case of "death by poo"

    2:56 PM  

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