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    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    N.O. Story Part 1

    Well... the trip... it was interesting, fun, good, exhausting, and not something I hope to do soon again.

    Since I posted a teaser, I will just tell the stories as I listed them; some of which are a little bit out of order.

    1. Dory's first Gin & Tonic... Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Dory and I were all down in the lobby for the manager's reception/happy hour. I with my club soda, Dory had water, Daddy and Grandma both had G&T.... all in extremely similar looking plastic cups since the glasses were all in use. Everyone had a lime and a straw. Why a lime in water, I do not know... but I digress. Anyway, Daddy and Dory had been upstairs chaning a 2 day pay load and when they returned, both sat down. Dory went to drinking again and Daddy was talking. A moment later, after my sweet daughter makes an interesting face, not a bad one, but different, I ask my sweet attentive husband... "Was that water or your G&T?" He takes a sip of one, takes a sip of the other shuffles them around a bit and hands the water to Dory hoping that the shell game would get me. It didn't. My booze it up take it easy 2 year old.....


    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Dory had good odds! That's a 1:2 chance of scoring with G&T, way to go, hope its a while before her next though!

    12:25 PM  

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