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    Friday, May 12, 2006


    This is what Dory has proclaimed the 'milkies' lately, tonight included. I could just about cry. I was really hoping that we would be in the one third that makes it through the second trimester still lactating, but at 15 weeks, it might just not be. I know that she is getting some, but not much, and and like she would really like. I wanted to be able to continue to help her overcome the American obesity challenge, her Father's asthma, and Mother's severe seasonal allergies. The longer she was able to go, the better off she is on all three. I just want what is best for her. Once one stops suckling, it only takes a few months to forget how it works, the instinct is lost.... So she won't be able to go back to it after the new baby is here and the milk is in, I don't think. I'll eat some oatmeal tomorrow, maybe that will help... A little. One of the craziest things? At times, I can feel that there is milk there, they are tender almost like being engorged.....

    Now, before you go off on me about it being gross and unnatural and yada yada yada.....
    Yes, I know she is two. No, I have no plans to nurse her through college... But in our culture there is no better beginning to prevent allergies, asthma, and obesity. The
    world wide weaning age is actually much closer to 4 years, ranging between 2 and as high as 7. It is our crazy culture that has hyper sexualized breasts and the formula companies that have stopped several generations ago. We have unlearned all of the benefits and been sold a crap load of bull. As the LLLI says, "The World Health Organization and UNICEF recommend that babies be breastfed for at least two years," and continues "Your milk continues to provide immunities and vitamins, and can help protect your toddler from illness and allergies." It actually becomes more concentrated with those immunities as the nurseling matures. And NO, it certainly is not for some 'desire' of the Mom... Nursing while pregnant is PAINFUL!
    For some really good FAQ on tandem nursing and nursing while pregnant, see KellyMom's site. For more on this also see Got-Breastmilk.org. The LLLI also has some good info on Extended Nursing and the Law.


    Blogger Rachel said...

    Your right. It is excellent for babies to nurse as long as possible. I have heard many things that will help bring the milk in but it looks like you are already starting to do that. Good luck!

    10:45 PM  

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