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    Monday, May 29, 2006

    N.O. Story Part 3

    Lots of friends and a tigar.

    Well, the graduation well really well, but Dory was not real sure about sitting still for all of that time, so we decided to wander around like most of the other 2 year olds were doing. We found a great spot in one of the walk ways where we met Ethen, Caleb, and another few children who have remained nameless. We had a regular play goup going as they hugged, kissed, chased, marched, held hands and walked in circles, climbed and watched the trapped bird fly around the stage. It was good!

    Until she got tired. Then the screaming started and we went into the hall way outside. Where, low and behold, was a tiger. So we petted the tiger, climed the tiger, and even rode and kissed the tiger. Oh how we loved that tiger. (It must have reminded her of Auntie.) She wsa not thrilled to leave him behind, but it was only a few minutes before we went back in with Daddy this time to watch them all walk out. What a trooper, as Grandpa would say.


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