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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Wating for an update?

    Well, here it is... lightning struck the house a week and a half ago. The power has been restored and the computer is fine, but the phone lines seem to be fried. So it is remote internet access for me for awhile. I have been slack about calling the phone company.

    We are now 20 weeks preggers and Megan, my neighbor, was first tofeel a kick. He is completely elluding both big sister and daddy.

    Past that Dory now sings the alphabet really well and loves The Wheels on the Bus, Ring Around the Rosie, Twinkle Tiwnkle Little Star and as always Happy Birthday.

    John is out of town again trtaveling and we missed him for Father's Day, but he said he had a good time. Dory even told him Happy Father's Day Daddy, and it seemed to melt his heart. :)

    Well, there arre all sots of things i am sure I could share if I only remembered them..... oh well.... hopefully the computer will be back up soon!


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