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    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    The psychic child & lunch from Hell

    John: "Dory, what are you going to do today?"
    Dory: "See Jeremy, Monkey, Ba and Uncle John"
    Me: "Well, that's not quite what I had planned."
    (My intentions were to call High School friend Kelly to see if she wanted to go for lunch today.)
    Moments later.... The phone rings.
    It's Ba.
    Then it rings again.
    It's Sara, Jeremy's mom.

    Then we all went to lunch... From hell apparently.
    (That story in a moment.)

    So, Uncle John was missing... But we did see everyone else! Can you say spooky? Dory knew just what the day held!

    Okay, Lunch from Hell....
    Scene: Olive Garden on Independence Blvd
    Time: 12-1:30 or so.
    Server: Girl who can not handle having... get this... 4 tables!
    1. took forever for drink order,
    2. salad and breadsticks came pretty much when food did,
    3. no drink refils without being requested a minimum of 2 times and
    4. then often by someone else,
    5. no stop by asking if everything was okay,
    6. near refusal of refilling the salad bowl
    7. (half empty when first brought, not enough for two people!),
    8. breadsticks or any drinks,
    9. when late party arrived, 15 minutes before we informed the waitress that she had not even taken a drink order
    10. much less food for our extra person,
    11. 40 minute wait for Sara's check after requesting it 3 times,
    12. checks not right,
    13. ice cream melted,
    14. sorbet missing from desert,
    15. checks messed up even with the manager's help,
    16. no clearing of the table in any sort of timely manner,
    17. placed all hot items directly in front of a toddler,
    18. brings a baby a chipped plate,
    19. mamager even seemed a bit unhelpful,
    20. need I go on? there certainly was more to tell.
    The manager comped our deserts and Sara's meal. She also gave us a gift card for us all to eat together again... not sure for how much though, Sara has it.

    It was, quite simply, the worst service I have ever had, in my life.

    The highlight? The company, and the food... except the deserts.

    Becky, Sara... tell us more, I know I left a ton off!


    Blogger Jenny said...

    Sara found out the card was for 20$. >:-(

    2:20 PM  

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