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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Where, oh where

    is the time going?!?!?! I have so much nesting left to do! In 3 weeks, I am full term, in 6 I am due.... EEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! I am NOT READY YET!

    At least the car seat, new baby gate that opens and the cloth diapers will come in this week... and I have been busy figuring out the local food coop ordering process so it will be easy when Jack is still little and it means less trips to the store with 2 kiddos. Some things are being done... but there is still a long list that trails it.

    Now, if the rest of my list would just magically disappear! (read, actually done and finished... not that the list vanishes and with my pregnancy brain I can't remember what was on it....)



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