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    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    Motherhood is Golden

    I finally came across a piece of jewelry that I can market to the other moms! I like the idea of motherhood jewelry, but so often it is in silver, cheap and chunky. (All of which I am morally opposed to in jewelry.)

    I was approached by another mom recently to make a bracelet for her Mother in honor of her birthday this Tuesday that Incorporated both children and grandchildren... and I did it, well. I am so tickled with my design and how it looks. :) Okay, so yeah, this post is total brag on myself!

    The birthstones are turquoise, turquoise, aquamarine, pearl for the children and then the grandchildren dangle off next to their parents... they are diamond, citrine, and opal. They children are flanked by clear crystals and gold beads and the grandchildren by gold beads. The grandchildren beads are also slightly smaller than their parents, to both denote the difference between them and to not be obtrusively large as dangles. The pictures really do not do the bracelet justice.

    Click the pics for a really big close up.



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