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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    I forget...

    baby brain and sleep deprivation has caused me to forget all of the great things to blog about.... oops.
    Dory said something last night, Jack is Jack, pictures have been made, John got his hair cut, Dory's been under the weather, and we got our Christmas tree.

    I have not been on in the past few days because Jack went on an anti sleeping campaign for a few days. He would wake up at 5pm and not go to sleep, not even a moment, for 6 hours. Two nights in a row we did this, 5-11... Eating, changing, burping, screaming.... soooo close to sleep... no SIKE! WAHHHHHHHHHH!
    So, I broke down. I am an AP flunky... he is now using (ominous music here) a pacifier at times. I can only handle so much screaming and he can only drink so much milk before it hurts and makes him scream more and throw up. *sigh* I hope he finds his thumb soon, I hate pacifiers. Sunday night was fine really, Friday and Saturday were the really hard nights.


    Blogger Stephanie said...

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    7:28 AM  
    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Thanks for the update! I read your blog almost daily, and I enjoy the pictures and hearing how everyone's doing! I love and miss you and I hope to make it down in the spring if that is ok.

    7:30 AM  

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