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    Monday, November 20, 2006

    A few virtual tears

    It's amazing to me how fast little ones grow. Jack doesn't resemble a newborn to me anymore. I almost feel jipped. Sure, I'm not sleep deprived or in the throes or PPD or baby blues, but really, it's killing me. He's gained nearly 2 pounds in 3 weeks, or at least 1 and a half already and his newborn diapers already fit completely different than they did. They are so much snugger and some of his newborn clothes are already tight. His shoulders have filled out and look like miniatures of Daddy's right now.
    Tomorrow is the first day that I will have the kids all by myself, and today was our first trip out alone. It went well, almost too well actually. It just feels unreal that I gave birth 3 weeks ago, it seems like it was so much longer ago, but should only have been a few days ago. I feel too good physically. Where has 3 weeks gone? Honestly? I don't have a clue and that bothers me.
    I really like savoring every moment of a child, at least that is what I did really well with Dory, enjoying the moment and not wishing it away. I want to savor Jack too, and feel like I am, but time is moving so much faster this go around that I feel like I am missing it. It hurts, in a very real way.
    I wish I could just slow time down, just a little bit.
    I want to savor a few more of the little moments, peer in his face just a little more.
    Father time... are you out there?



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