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    Saturday, November 25, 2006

    Christmas? Already?

    I just can not believe it is two days past Thanksgiving... I feel like I lost an entire month. (Big surprise, huh?) When I was little holidays were often really big family events, and then it changed and they were really little. It took a long time for the holidays to 'feel right' after that. This year we decided since Jack would be so little to 'cancel' the holidays. Now that we have made it through Thanksgiving dinner, which was tastee, with basically no guests... well... it doesn't feel like it is two days past Thanksgiving, that Advent starts tomorrow and that Black Friday is already past. Not even a little bit. Everyone is decorating and I look out the door and say to myself, "That's just crazy how early they are decorating!" I really feel like it should be Halloween this weekend! I have missed an entire month somehow. Is this how someone who wakes up from a coma feel?

    I did some of my holiday shopping online; overall, after one trip to the bookstore I will pretty much be finished. At least I have that done.



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