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    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Stepping back now.

    Well, Tuesday night went really really well! Dory wanted to wear her panties to bed, and since we have never had a flood free night, I insisted on a diaper. We compromised. We put on a diaper and pantie over that.

    I woke up Wednesday morning to a little girl calling out, "Mommy! I have to go peepee in the potty!" I ran her to the bathroom and sure enough, she had a DRY DIAPER! I was floored.

    We went out around town yesterday in the panties... and she never had to pee once, and never had an accident. I kept asking her! So proud.

    So, last night we tried the diaper compromise again.

    Nope, didn't work. She took off the panties, the ones she has had for some time now - not the brand new ones she had been wearing - and proceded to peepee in her diaper. Oh well. We will try again tonight with the newer ones and see if it was just the ones she was wearing and didn't like...

    So, on to today... she did really well in the morning... went several times. Then we had to head out to help another Mommy... and then we went to the grocery. See where I am heading? Yep, we were in front of the salad dressing when Dory said, "Mommy, I'm going peepee." It was too late.


    Puddle clean-up on aisle 3.

    Luckily they didn't seem to mind, I had a change of clothes in the car, all the ladies that passed us seemed like they had all been there before and Dory did not seem too traumatized by it. She knew it wasn't good, but se didn't seem to feel shamed or overly embarressed by it. I guess the Bing Bunny book helped with that one. (Bing gets dressed and then has an accident... and it's no big deal.) It was everywhere though. Her tutu, her babylegs, her crocs... yep, she was swimming in it since I didn't put socks on her. Luckily, or unluckily depending on viewpoint, when we went back out to the car it was raining and I 'washed' them off in the rain as we changed clothes in the back of the car.

    This evening we had one half-miss here at home, but it was very well contained.
    We'll see how tonight goes!



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