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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    New milestone today for Jack & happy trails Lara

    Baby's first sunburn. Oops.

    Lara, my Doula, teacher and friend, is moving into a RV with her fam to travel the country for a year. They pull out next week and had the final yard sale to pay for movers to put their stuff in storage today. So, we went and hung out and said our goodbyes and ran off with a new table and chairs for Dory's room and a few toys and a lamp.... LOL We spent much of the day outside, hence the sunburn. I'm pretty bad, Jack's cheeks are bad and Dory looks fine. Funny since she was in the sun more, or so I thought.

    Anyway, off they go.
    Travel safe Lara and family, love you all.

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