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    Wednesday, October 24, 2007


    I have finally made Jack his amber teething necklace. It looks so good on him. It reminds me of Craig across the street, and his shell necklace. John's not so sure about it, but not protesting... he's just not one for jewelry on men.
    Amber teething necklaces are not for chewing, but are supposed to work by laying against the skin. They have been used for centuries and are highly praised among those who have used them.... so it's worth a try! Amber is a resin and not a mineral or gemstone and supposedly has anti-inflamitory properties. I have more info on it on my JonquilMom site... At the very least, I think it is super cute. I'm amazed that he has not tried once to pull it off at all. He won't leave a hat on, but this seems to be completely different. Go figure. It does have a magnetic clasp so if it were to be pulled it would pop off rather than choke. Every chip is also individually knotted too, so if it breaks they won't scatter. :D


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    Blogger doreen said...

    This is AWESOME! Zuri must have one. It came out geat. you must be proud

    3:30 PM  

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