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    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    Chaos of Progress

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    I know this does not look like much more than a very messy room... but this is two days worth of work for me. Tricia is moving in and the guest room needed clearing out. We are making into my studio as well, hence the wall'o'cubes since they are great storage. The crib is sold, the computer table is gone, papers are shredded, and lots more things are up on Charlotte Mommies to be sold off. Whew. It's work, but it feels good to be getting it done. The room will be clean and cleared for Tricia minus the wall of cubes to be lovingly organized with beads, fabric, yarn and scrap book supplies. After Tricia has moved on the bed will go and in will be a few work tables and my sewing machines. I am excited. Excited because we get a month or few with Tricia around and excited because I can finally move my supplies to a place where I can see them and not wade through buried boxes to follow through on a spark of creativity since right now I have to keep wandering hands away from things. There are yet more cubes to construct and things to be put away or sold... I have a lot more work ahead, but this feels good. It is the chaos of progress.

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    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Its a work well worth it, how nice to have your sister with you after you are grown up, awww. I wish my brother could be that close to me, but he is in debt to his wife and the US Navy. Love ya!

    1:28 PM  

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