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    Monday, January 14, 2008


    Clear as a bell Jack joined the world of sign language with the sign for 'More!' tonight in reference to apples. I can't wait to see him do more signs. There was no mistaking this sign from him! He has done several others, like bye-bye, but they are small and poorly timed usually, this one was perfect!

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    Blogger Stephanie said...

    So, is Dory still signing? That is great to hear Jack is using sign language, one of my favorite professors teaches the college level of sign language. Now that they have signing mastered, how about a little Spanish? I can teach them if you don't want to, me quiero Spanish!!!!! (I love Spanish!!!!)

    12:00 AM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    Dory is doing decent with Spanish, John is doing great teaching her! (but you can help!)

    She does still know her signs, I hope she can learn it as a second language now...

    12:11 AM  
    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Glad to hear John is working with Dory on Spanish, I will be sure to test her the next time I see her! Adios!

    2:13 PM  

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