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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Christmas, finally...

    Jack knows just what to do with a box of blocks! Conquer them by sitting on them.

    The wheely bug from his birthday came in just a week before Christmas, Thank you Auntie!!!

    Ohhhh, a noise maker.

    Daddy said it was one of the best Christmas' ever!  I think Abby agreed due to all of the hair on the floor I had to vacuum up.

    Towers with Grand, until Godzilla Jack comes along...

    Santa brought a 'purple helmet'! Just what she had asked EVERY Santa she saw for... it's just like Kipper's. (other than it has pink fairies... Kipper's has a yellow lightning bolt... but Dory's does light up!)

    OH, my... MORE new toys. Grandma's prerogative I guess.

    Little Chef, Thank you Grandma Patty! New kitchen set and the apron Mommy made! (Grandma also got her one, very cute in denim - she wears it also, or both at once.)

    New Table Crawler, the best presents are always the wrappers/packaging anyway...

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