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    Tuesday, January 08, 2008

    DMV Update

    I was only an illegal driver for about 9 hours. The computers were up today and I went back. Ugg.

    However, proving how very transparent I am, the lady kept losing my picture and took it no less than 6 times. No joke. She couldn't understand where it was going! Said she had never done that before, lol. Good thing I'm not particular about the picture. I'm sure the first one would have looked nice, but by picture 6 I was laughing and not looking at the camera I think. She had stopped doing the count down. Oh well. It's also pretty washed out. Seriously, it could be worse, but its not good.

    John, your turn!

    Edited: Oh, I guess I didn't say... I got in and out quickly yesterday, under an hour(!), but without a license renewed. Their computer system was down and I did everything but pay and have a picture made. It was down all day, I kept calling back to ask. It's always something isn't it? I got up at 6:30, was there by 7:45 in line outside, in the cold, on my birthday.... but out by 8:30. With NOTHING.

    I got there about 9am today and was out in about 45 minutes again. Whew. At least it wasn't 4 hours.



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