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    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    Sorry!!! Updates on all fronts.

    Ok, so Jack is climbing on the the table now, did that around the 8th. He climbed up and then stood right on the edge.

    Doreen and I have been going to knit night at her fave yarn store. We learned last night that she is closing. :( However, I got some very good sale buys from it. I have yarn to last me awhile, I think.

    Dory has me busy, I have made some streamers for her for Christmas; I named them 'Fairy Trails'. I have even sold a few to other CM mommies. I am also making something called an iSpy bag. My 1st one was cute enough, but a learning experience... Doreen has embroidered fabric for my second and final version. I am excited to get to it.

    Also in the craft front, I am working on a wool purse to felt... knitting it. Doing well. AND quilting new Christmas stockings for all of us. I made mine first in case I did poorly, but it came out nicely today. I was going to make the rest tonight, but I'm writing instead.

    Dory properly used the word 'befuddled' today... John said it was from the TV. I guess it's not all bad, I was befuddled as to where she would have heard that word!

    Grandma and Grandpa Raymond have bought her a play kitchen for Christmas, I am very excited for her to get it. I think she will be in heaven.. I have made an apron and bought some wood food to go with it.

    Jack is getting a wooden handmade pull cricket (you might see it off to the right in my Etsy faves). It is even better looking than I expected and I expect him to love it. I also have for him some of his own wood food so he will have some to play with along side Dory.

    I'm getting so excited for Christmas, I have made so many of the things myself... other things are Haba and Plan toys as well as Melissa & Doug. It's a no plastic Christmas. :D

    I went to a doula sleep over earlier in the month, I had a great time seeing Lara and the other ladies. I wish I saw them all more often.

    I turned Jack's car seat around finally... it seems to be going fine this time. Remember last time he screamed bloody murder? It' sad to me on one hand, but it is so nice to have the extra room in the Matrix.

    Also with Jack, we had such issues with the Christmas tree after John and Dory decorated it I started putting him to bed in the toddler bed. I had to get him down early... well, it is going well! He goes down around 9 now and wakes at 11 and goes right back down. Dory was thrilled the first 2 nights, but the third one she declared that she didn't want him in there anymore since she had to be quiet. It is nice not to have him right on my lap all night asleep. John has been a bit sick, so I have been sleeping with Jack until John is no longer contagious. I love him, but not his germs... LOL. I did crawl in beside him without Jack one night, but I could not sleep a wink. It was a huge relief when he woke up and I had to go and get him. I am not ready to stop co-sleeping yet. But, it is nice to have a bit more freedom.

    Jack's birthday present finally came in... a Wheely Cow, from Auntie and us. He seems to like it, but at first he was not too sure.

    I got Christmas Postcards made up, but never sent out. Maybe they will be New Year's Cards. LOL So, if you were checking your mailbox, I am really sorry! It will come, even if really late.

    Santa Train

    Okay, That's all for now. I know there is more as well as pictures... but it will have to wait. It's the busy Christmas season after all!

    Merry Christmas!

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    Blogger doreen said...

    lol, I've been there as far as being behind blogwise. . . it all evens out though! I'm looking forward to pics!

    1:24 AM  
    Blogger doreen said...

    You'v gotten a ton done, that's so cool! I love the fairy Trails, especially the rainbow, and little D's bag came out so nice!

    3:11 PM  

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