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    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Thanksgiving Day

    On the menu:
    the wonderful Turkey that John cooks outside on his Dad's grill
    NC Blue Potatoes, mashed
    Carrots Vichy
    Supersweet Corn done simple with butter
    Cranberry Chutney
    Gluten Free 'Stuffing' cooked in the oven
    Lentil Artichoke Soup
    Fresh, homemade Butter

    For desert:
    Gluten Free Bread...  since John forgot to bake it and let it rise for an hour too long.
    Apple 'Crisp' with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Jack just ate an apple slice, he was very pleased.

    This is what John had to say for himself about forgetting the bread.

    Andy didn't make it, we missed you... John and Patty seemed to have a great time and my family held off until tomorrow. We get to have Thanksgiving twice this year; because, of course, we are doubly thankful.

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    Blogger Yankee John said...

    Gee, thanks sweety. Remind me to exercize veto rights on your picture taking...

    3:44 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    Well, it's payback for not taking regular pictures... thought you were safe by 'ruining' that one, didn't you? See what it gets you when you stick out your tongue?

    3:54 PM  
    Blogger doreen said...

    that turkey looks incredible. . . maybe rok and john need to share some notes. . . meaning john needs to share his notes w/ rok! We still have a turkey in the freezer. I'd love for this to be how it comes out!

    12:14 AM  

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