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    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    The Business of Being Born

    I went to my first ever advanced screening this evening. I was so excited about his movie, on natural and home births and how our culture has lost the understanding of the woman's body and how amazing it truly is.

    The movie was phenomenal. Seriously. I hope it gets a wide run and that people go see it. I left the theatre exhilarated, and like I wasn't alone.

    We had a panel discussion afterwards that was great. I was able to reconnect with both of my midwives and see them again.

    It was an exhilarating evening that left me with a loss of words. I still feel that way. Netflix is set to carry it in early 2008, and you can already add it to your queue. I suggest you do!



    Blogger doreen said...

    Sounds awesome. . . I have no Netflix though :(

    9:18 PM  

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