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    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Colds with the cold

    The weather has changed, it rained a few days and the frosts have set in overnight. It has wrecked havoc with my immune system and I wasn't proactive enough. I fought gallantly all weekend... but lost the fight. I have a cold, Dory has a cold and Jack is hanging on with only a slight touch thanks to the wonders of miracle milk. John is also down a bit. *sigh* Ug. Lot of doctoring to get us through it, and so far I've not ben knocked flat, but it still stinks and I know my temper is a bit short. Poor kids. :( Poor John. :(

    Dory seemed to be doing well until she woke up yesterday from her nap with a fever and looking very flushed. From there she is super whiney. It got worse today, starting before she even got downstairs.

    Jack has only had a crusty nose, and that only lasted for a day. Whew.



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