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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007


    Last night was the first frost of the season and since we were heading out first thin gin the morning, we all had to dress a bit warm. we were doing great pulling things back out.... until... we realized Dory had no coat yet, her 3T pants were high waters all of the sudden and the 3T shirt that she SWAM in last winter was 3/4 sleeved now. Uh, oh. So after our picture appointment, we set off shopping. We have finally hit a new milestone with Dory in that I made her try on almost everything in the store rather than just purchasing. We found a good coat right off the bat, a few long sleeve shirts, one short sleeve fall type shirt, lots of socks to go with her new shoes I had been saving in the back of the closet and a pair of jeans. I had no idea that she hit a growth spurt this past month, but it seems that Fall is just her time of year. I swear, she did this last year too! Odd thing is, her brand new jeans are also size 3T, but a completely different brand and over 3 inches longer!!! Most everything else fits great with room to grow at 4T. I just had no intention on clothes shopping today, but it's what we ended up doing. She was pretty happy to give John a runway show when he came home, she was most pleased with her new coat. Fall fashion, Dory sale rack style. Good grief. LOL It wore Mommy slap out.

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