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    Monday, October 29, 2007


    For the second day Jack has eaten quite a bit. He's in heaven with it really. I have finally broken out the baby food, Happy Baby organic/frozen cubes, and he's really quite happy. Last night he had 2 cubes of the Great Grains, which is quiona and bananas... tonight he had 2 of carrots. He's had them before, but this was a step up in quantity. I guess we are finally at that point. Man, I hate this point and poop though. :(

    Dory also had a special food day. Daddy (with Mommy's okay, not that he needed it) gave Dory CAKE before dinner. LOL, yes, desert came first. She, however, decided that she likes her cake dry - not drowned in milk like Daddy. John is crushed and asking for a paternity test.

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