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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    In one year

    He started breathing, nursing, started smiling, laughing, started babbling, rolling over, started crawling, sitting up, started walking.
    He noticed me, his daddy and sister, his dog, his family, the big things, the minute things, the dog hair covered things.
    He hung on tight to me, to the couch, the chair.
    Explored the upstairs, the downstairs, the corners, the bathrooms, in crevices, the grass, the pool, the insides of mouths.
    Attacked his sister, his Daddy, Mommy, the dog.
    Looked stoic, angry, anguished, amused, devious, exuberant.
    He pooped green, real green.. then pooped yellow like he should.
    Discovered his hands, his toes, his counterpart. He made best friends with that one.
    He said a Mama, Dada, Dwg, Dor, waved bye-bye and signed milk and fan.
    He went through over 4 clothing sizes.
    Made his thoughts, emotions, wants and needs known.
    Loved us.

    He changed our lives.
    What a busy year he had.
    What a busy year we had.

    Happy Birthday Son. Mommy loves you.



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