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    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Halloween 2007

    A Gardener and her Gnome

    LJ (aka Monkey ), Jack and Dory out for a ride.

    We were the first ones out and about I think, but we had a blast. Uncle John, Ba, Baby Bailey and Monkey along with Monkeys MawMaw came to join us we walked up and down the street until it started to get dark and headed back. The kids did so very well. Bailey slept all the way through her first Halloween... she went out as a newborn! What a good costume it was, so very believable.
    After dropping Daddy and the guests back off at the house we 3 headed back out for a few more houses. We ended up with the majority of the neighborhood. But come on, it's only once a year and the poor kid missed it last year. We met some new neighbors and even a few CharoltteMommies! We might just have some new playmates.
    Originally Dory was going to be a Midwife/Doctor, but I never did manage to get her costume made. We have just been too busy. It wasn't hard to convince her to dress up as a ballerina instead. I even pulled out her skirt from her first ever Halloween when she was a fairy. She had not seen it since we don't play with it. She was really happy about it and I was glad it got a bit more use.
    Once back out, Dory had a few issues with understanding the 'it's rude to take more than 2' thing, but she was so excited. She would yell at everyone "Trick or Treating!" At Kim's house she decided she wanted one of the pita breads with hummus rather than candy. (Poor kid didn't get dinner! We were in a hurry to get out the door.) I wanted to ToT for the wine she and her guests were drinking. We traded out most of Dory's candy for money (Daddy took the candy to the office to gorge on), she earned 10$, and tonight she gets to go spend her Halloween spoils on a new toy of her choosing at Target or Toys'R'Us on a special trip with just Mommy. She did get several pieces of candy last night and a few Yummy Earth lollypops.
    Jack also had a great time. By the time we had made it one way down the sidewalk he had learned to toddle up to the door... by the end of the next street he was diving into the bowls. No "Trick or Treat!" of course, but it was cute. He even did the appropriate tantrum for a piece of candy when we would drop them in his watering can 'basket'. He had a great time pruning dead mums for people too, really played the part of a garden gnome great. Pulled up weeds, collected leaves and pruned flowers. We let him chew on a package of starburst. LOL
    All in all, a great night. Bed time was a bit difficult, but hey, it's Halloween- it's supposed to be.

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    Blogger Ted said...

    Sounds like a great time. I picked up a couple of bags of candy to ward off the barbarian hordes, but no trick-or-treaters this year. What's the going rate for mini-snickers and reese's cups?

    9:30 AM  
    Blogger Ted said...

    On a related note, what do y'all give out for treats? I hate to pour more high-fructose corn syrup down the throats of America's youth, but I don't want to be the lame guy in the neighborhood who hands out fruit...

    9:32 AM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    Yummy Earth Lollypops and if you want to get the really good stuff, Endangered Species Bug Bites (mini chocolates). Yeah, fruit would be so lame. You could be the cool guy with the light sticks!

    We also recycle back out some of what the kids take in since we stop early.

    9:47 AM  
    Blogger doreen said...

    Sounds like an awesome time. We had playdoh and animal crackers fwiw for healthier treats. And tracts of course with a sticker inside. Kids were elated cuz we were giving them 3 things each! lol.

    7:48 PM  

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