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    Monday, November 05, 2007

    My Cup

    Doreen had a blogging friend ask about favorite coffee cups. I have been intending to post one for awhile, a very small blue crystalline glazed thrown piece of beautiful pottery I bought once when out at a pottery show with Gail a few years back. I use it all the time and think about how I have 3 handmade pottery coffee/tea cups and would love more, all different.

    Yesterday I went to the American Craft Council's Charlotte 2007 show with Gail. We had a wonderful time, and I set out looking for a new mug. I found one, a beautiful earthy one, that has an incredible texture and is unique. One side is more reddish, coppery in color, the other side is more grey blue like slate. There is even a hint of green where they meet. The lip flares out nicely, and I don't dribble. The handle is very comfortable, thick on top and melts away between my pinky and ring finger. Best of all, it's large; it's nearly 2xs the size of my other regular mugs.

    I've used it for 24 hours now, and it rightfully holds a place among my favorites. It reminds me of a great time out with Gail, reminds me to be creative and unique, and always reminds me of the 'Great Potter' and that I am His clay.

    The potter:

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    Blogger doreen said...

    I love this mug. I wish I could have come with you. . . sound like you had a great time!

    7:02 PM  
    Blogger Yankee John said...

    reminds me I need another cup of coffee to ward off your plague...

    I love you honey; hope you feel better today.

    3:52 PM  

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