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    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Dory's Famous!

    We have been, early in the morning the past few days, logging onto PBS Sprout online and submitting the weather report for The Good Morning Show. We watch, well, I do, carefully for her name.... I even recorded a few shows... until this morning. And. We. MIssed. It. I watched lazily this morning as the ruckus here hit high proportions due to our colds. Nothing, I didn't even see the weather covered.

    Well, my mistake for not taping. This evening on CharlotteMommies I saw a post titled "anyone's Dory on Sprout this AM?" that read "she sent in a weather report! "chilly"" That was us!!!! She was on!!!!

    Arghhh! We missed it.

    Maybe they will run her another day again if we are persistent.



    Blogger doreen said...

    That is so cool! At least you got on, I'm sure of the people who post it's not many who make it!

    11:30 AM  

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