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    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Turkey Adventures

    We all headed up to the mountains today to pick up our Thanksgiving Turkey, a Blue Slate (heritage breed) pastured hen. We had a wonderful time. Dory had a blast. She saw rabbits, guinea hens, pigs, pigmy goats, turkeys, different chicken breeds and a 30 year old horse. She called the Mrs Farmer and Mr. Farmer and they seemed to get a kick out of that since they only just barely see themselves that way. They are more than just growing for their family, but not big enough to be full time... they have not found their niche yet. I hope they do, we spent nearly one and a half hours with them and really enjoyed it. I know they have a heart for what they are doing and it would be wonderful to see them flourish. Thank you Linda and Joe!

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    Blogger doreen said...

    this looks like so much fun! You'll have to tell me how good that Turkey was to eat! I'm betting it will be delicious. I'm looking forward to all of the tasty treats tomorrow!!!

    12:43 AM  

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