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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    New iPod

    So, here we are, 2 years later, and I am getting a new iPod. John is getting my older nano for a new Nike+ running kit, like Heater has. It will be fun to see his runs online! I have spent most of the day ripping more CDs to my computer so that I can go ahead and max out my space... LOL Ok, not really, but I seem to rip by genres. I have been enjoying my dockable speakers during the days lately, it is keeping the kids away from the TV some, which is huge right now, but need more kid friendly music... so for right now that means most of my Christian Rock CDs. It is making me happy. No radio commercials, I know what is coming up, and I can control it at the blink of an eye. Plus I don't get tempted to buying a track I already have, but not ripped.
    Anyway, new iPod. Yeah, should be here soon in the mail. I'm excited since it has video and I can download videos of the kids and movies for in the car and such. Many new possibilities! Happy Birthday John! Happy Birthday Jenny! I love combined presents.



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