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    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Happy Birthday Grandma Patty!

    Jack and Daddy had a good time in the kitchen - Jack is quite the Monkey Man now, and will climb anything and everything! The age two antics are in full swing as of this last few weeks, its easy to see his birthday is right around the corner. We had a great day over at Grandmas house, and have all sorts of things coming up to do with Grandma still. ;-) Like a Tea and Chocolate pairing benefit Thursday evening!
    John is leaving Wednesday for his annual Fish and Chips with the guys. He says he's going to be in a tent while the rest of the guys (other than Ted) will be in a cabin. Good luck... I bet he'll fall prey to temptation! Anyway, Grandpa is babysitting so Patty and I can attend the tasting/pairing. I'm pretty excited about it.

    Dory painted Grandma two teacups and I knitted cozies for them. I drew frames around the pictures and even added a tiny plaque on the lower right hand side... then made them "Gallery Series" numbered editions on the bottom. I am super pleased with how they came out. They don't look like the traditional hideous kid scribble all over and actually seem pretty cool to me. But, I could be very biased on that. I don't know! Grandma loved the cups and said the only problem was that the cozies covered them up... of course!

    Adding the pattern to the Ravelry Database. Direct PDF download is here. Enjoy Patty's mug warmers.

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