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    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Jack finds the Scotch

    Daddy drank the Easter Bunny's beer when a small boy... and not to be outdone our son decidedly drank 'Uncle' Ted's scotch while visiting Baker St at Granda's house.
    We had been upstairs visiting Sherlock when Jack ran off with a few stones from the fireplace.  No biggie, he was playing quietly in the corner as Dory, Grandpa and I were talking... until he started to chock and cough.  And choke.  And gasp.  And choke.  Grandpa grabbed him, I yelled, 'He's choking!' (duh) and tried to figure out why Grandpa wasn't doing more to remove the rock... until he bent down and picked up the bottle... that Jack had removed the lid from and swigged like he does with every bottle.  Grandpa thought he didn't really get any.... um, yeah, he did.  I'm pretty sure he might be traumatized from glass bottles for awhile.  I think he thought he was dying.


    Blogger doreen said...

    rofmlol. jack seems like a quick one! I'm glad he didn't really choke, but man, he is like everywhere all at once.

    5:02 AM  

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