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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Dory Panic and Jack Cuteness

    Part 1: Dory Panic
    It was about 2:30am and Dory had been calling me to come and fix her covers. I headed upstairs and fixed them, but in the process she had woken up Jack so I went to feed him. A moment later Dory decided that she had to go potty so she got up. You see, here is where I had a normal heartbeat. Then it happened... as she was fiddling with the baby gate...
    boom... rummmble
    Abby whimpers into a long whine, in her "I'm so scared of the storm" voice.
    Dory: Abby, maybe you need to sleep with us.
    Um, no. When the mattress is on the floor, for some reason I do not want the dog next to it, something about the small kids and the dog's ...
    Abby: whineeeee.....
    whining that makes me worry about...
    Dory: Abby, it's to late to go outside, you will have to wait.
    Silence. My heart stops.

    You mean... she could, in the middle of the night when we are all asleep, wander outside on her own? Why yes, she could. It's her normal task now to put Abby outside to go potty. She can open locked doors without too much problem. My 4 year old could wander outside all by herself while I am asleep at 3am.
    I had been half asleep, now my heart has started back a little too fast for it's own good.
    So, my daughter is smart... and her smartness and right decision brings to light a situation I had never even considered that horrified me.
    Thanks sweet pea, way to give Mommy nightmares.

    Part 2: Jack Cuteness
    7am, John has just left after a sleepy conversation, Jack has started to stir
    You know how you can feel little eyes staring at you? I gave Jack a little nosh and decided to roll back over and finish sleeping. Jack got up to play. I thought.
    Jack: Mama?
    I peek one eye open and see him squatting in front of my face looking at me. Wow that was a clear sounding 'Mama'...
    My one eye closes, sleep takes over...
    Little fingers are suddenly felt on the just closed eye, working hard to gently pry it back open.
    Jack: Mamaaa?
    It has finally happened to me. I got my eyeball pried open.

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