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    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Schooling! ASL

    And it *begins*!
    We had our getting started meeting with her Sign Language instructor this morning, and while Dory decided on the way there that she no longer wanted to go and was going to pitch a fit, she ended up having a blast, loving her teacher and playing with one of her classmates (a knitting friend's son). It turns out Dory is just like I was, talking too much and giving out wayyy to much family information - making everyone laugh and me turn red while I'm all "shhhh, honey no one needed to know that". She told of how Daddy was sick, how she had to clean when Grandpa was coming over, every time Grandpa was coming over, or anyone else for that matter... lol
    Anyway, she had a good time and is looking forward to classes. Me too!

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