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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Was something else, not now...

    Who knows what I *was* going to blog about. I don't recall. John called for me to come get him from work because of an on setting migraine. I finally rounded us all up, walked out the door... and um.... well, I put the kids in the car, tried the front door, tried the windows... I'm happy to say our house was locked up tight. I called John back and he said in a groggy voice, "You outside?" I said, "No, well, yes... but not outside your office." There was silence as he tried to figure this out without the brain power the migraine sucked. I said, "I'm outside with two kids and my cell phone. I realized as the door clicked behind me I had neither my purse or keys." "Oh. Well, I guess I'll find someone to bring me home," he said.
    About 15-20 minutes later he found us playing in the yard pulling weeds and eating tomatoes.

    After the 30 minute "walk" with Ba this morning... I've had my fill of the great outdoors for awhile!

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