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    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Fully chastised. On with the kids.

    Ba came over with the littles today to play. She had made mention in the past of enjoying seeing the knitting... this time... she said "ENOUGH, DARN IT! I WANNA SEE KIDS!" lol, sorry. I think the majority of my readership is now Ravelry based, but this is my general blog about daily life... and that is mainly the kids. Can I blame it on John's long hours lately? Can I blame it on the broken camera and the fact that none of the recent pictures are particularly good? No? Oh. Well, I tried.

    Ok... so.... kid news... Dory colored so much last Wednesday that she got and popped a water blister on one of her fingers. Mommy news.. with John's 'new' hours I've had to curtail sewing for pocket change. I just can't keep it up. :( I guess I also needed a break. I made a Mei Tai for Summer's friend in exchange for a massage I have to collect still and am working on my very last Ring Sling for my cousin Gina and her new sweet pea, Nia. After this I think I'm taking them down from the JonquilMom site until I can get back some time and don't feel so overwhelmed.

    Hey... did you see the new little favicon? Look up... in the address bar... see the daffodil instead of the orange B? :) I did that. I also added a reward from participating in the Ravelympics. See, Ba? I haven't blogged hardly anything about my knitting.... you haven't even heard of this until now! Ok, back to kids.

    I have the smack cutest picture of Dory, almost ever... from our return trip to see the building of the EMHE house:

    We lost those glasses while there. :( (I won't mention that I knitted the bottle holder for the trip...)

    Dory has been coloring up a storm, and decided 2 weeks ago that Daddy was not allowed to recycle a large flat box. It was to be used for an art project! A full 2 days of coloring is what it turned out to be.

    Ok, back to me... I know my Tuesday night adventures with doreen and friends has made for some public gawking in the past.. but I think I took it to new heights when her sister Janet was sweet enough to bring her swift for me to borrow. I wound about 8 skeins of yarn that night right there in the middle of Starbucks. Doreen captured evidence:

    Back to kids: (wow this is getting hard...) Jack was fed Pizza on Saturday by accident, by Daddy. Yep, it was an explosive reaction... but Jack reportedly enjoyed it while the few bites lasted. Dory was the one who called Daddy on it. Maybe he'll be kind enough to retell the story in the comments.

    Ok, I need to go. One kid is in time out for jumping off the couch for the umpteenth time and the other is smelling of diaper attention. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get another entry after dinner. As long as I email Gina, first, with her long overdue sling choices. ;)

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