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    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Leaving Daddy at work

    Jack has had a recent fascination with keys. Standing at the door pointing up at the hook until you hand them over, carrying them around for an hour at a time before he brings them back, attempting to open doors by banging the key against the knob since he can't get it to go in..... and not handing them over when we get in the car.

    On Wednesday, just that occurred. Since I was in a good mood, instead of ripping them from his tiny clutches, I asked him nicely for them.

    Mommy: Jack, can Mommy have the keys?
    Jack: *clutching them to his chest and turning away* No.
    Mommy: Jack, Mommy needs the keys so we can go get Daddy... Do you want to go get Daddy?
    Jack: Dad?
    Mommy: Yes, let's go get Daddy...
    Jack: No.
    Mommy: Jack I need them for the car to make it go.
    Jack: *still clutching to chest* Go?
    Mommy: Yes, go get Daddy.
    Jack: No.
    Mommy: Keys will make the car go vroom vroom!
    Jack: Vroom! Vroom! *looks at keys thoughtfully*
    Mommy: Mommy has to put the keys right here *points at ignition* to make the car go vroom, vroom.
    Jack: *hand out to give over keys* vrooommmm
    Mommy: Thank you, Jack. Let's go get Daddy.
    Jack: vroommmmmmmm *as the car starts up*

    So, Daddy loses out to the car. Poor Daddy. But it was a really, really cute conversation with Jack.

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