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    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    So much and so little

    I feel like I have nothing to write about. But I do. Tons, actually. John has been gone on business for over a week now, the kids and I are traveling this weekend, I got to go out with Amy and Becky, Amy accepted the honor of being Jack's Godmother, Dory got her first set of 'school books', I've been knitting up a storm, cooking more, and sleeping with the kids (remember, John is gone). I finished the Hemlock blanket, a wash cloth for charity, a coffee press warmer for Grandpa and am working on a test knit Faberge Scarf pattern.

    I guess with all of that I am feeling a bit tired rather then wordy. I want to write and come up with little things to say, but they just don't make it to the page. It's so much easier to just read on Ravelry or chime in little bits and bobbles here and there. I haven't even been active on the NTC boards either, where we get most of our food!

    So, bottom line, lots of news... but these two are wearing me out.

    Oh, and I have decided to take a break from sling sewing. With John'schedule and nursing Jack to sleep... there is no good time to sew. Maybe in the future, maybe. I'll miss the money it brings in, but maybe the jewelry can do something for awhile... it's less likely to run a needle through my finger for being sleepy.



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