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    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    Folly Beach

    Tricia and I headed out of town this weekend, just a one night trip, to start planning the next reunion. It was a very productive trip, but I sure wish we could have done more. Sundays are a bad day to talk to any property management companies, and we didn't really have much time on Saturday. I got there before noon, but considering I had never even seen the islands in question (we also looked at Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms) we had to get the lay of the land first and then the brochures and then formulate our questions... We narrowed it down to Folly, and then today realized that the one place we did not have a brochure for was, of course, the one we needed the most. So, hopefully we will get it in the mail this week. We took a ton of pictures, but I'm betting most of them will not even come out. But those will have to wait until the camera battery charges before I can see them. It died the moment I tried to point it at the ocean. I never even got to dip my toes in the water we stayed so busy. I did however make 20 minutes for a local yarn store. I came away with a yarn that I had been hunting for quite some time, so I am pretty excited about that!

    Jack went with us, and did pretty well with it all, but this morning decided to try gouging out his eye, bit his tongue and made his ear bleed all in about 30 minutes time in a practically padded room. So... we decided to pack it up. Turns out he was tired. He was asleep in about 10 minutes after getting back in the car. Poor kiddo, he was a real trooper, we dragged him all over. I will say that om Saturday he got a real kick out of riding in the stroller, must have been a long time since he has ridden in it.

    The Puckett Family Reunion website is up and running, where Tricia and I will be posting important links and updates as well as pictures. Go see our weekend's worth of tempting shots!


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    Blogger Yankee John said...

    Pic #3: Jack beats his uncle Andy. That's my boy!

    10:19 PM  

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