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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Guilty Pleasures/Good Karma

    (Ravelry Link, again)
    I got it! I got it! Thank you Linda! :D

    This fab package contained:
    Fleece Artist Curlylocks 450m of boucle kid mohair in Lupin - a striking blue,
    2! Avery Allison Yarns Premium Hand-Dyed Yarn - Fingering sock yarn in Autumn (an awesome teal running through it),
    TeaRen Hibiscus Spice teabags,
    Olive soap and lotions,
    a tin of Mary Englebright cards (I love her illustrations),
    The Yarn Harlot’s At Kit’s End (Love her!),
    2 Regila lace samples (? I think) in red and a dark, dark green,
    KP sock dpns in size 1 (woot! I had been wanting to try these!),
    another set of larger green dpn (measure to be size US10),
    a blue H8 crochet hook (I’m just learning!),
    a sweater pattern (not on Ravelry or I would link),
    yummy divine smelling specialty roaster coffee beans, and… the chocolate is already gone. It was my favorite too… Endangered Species Dark with Cocoa Nibs… I <3 nibs.
    :D WOOHOO!!!
    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
    I sure hope your partner spoils you silly!
    For the rest of you non-knitting non-Ravelry people... the sweet lady who mailed this to me is a CPM (long live the CPMs!), has her own dairy cow, garden, 13 kids - the youngest has Down's, lots of grandkids, and is super, super sweet.

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