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    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Professional Photos

    Went, in the end, really well today. They had a very auspicious start though. Dory only smiled after the warning of an impending spanking. Made me so sad, she would not respond to any of the other offers. Oh well. I don't do this often anymore and we were already getting pretty late on the scheduled one for Jack.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ohhhh! They are gorgeous and growing up way too fast!!!!!!

    11:03 PM  
    Blogger KnitterMama said...

    wow, your children are beautiful. i bet you had to slather sun screen all over their fair skin during your beach vacation but it looks like it worked!! simply gorgeous photos.

    7:33 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    Not one drop of sunscreen that week, actually. We use diet to help control skin damage. The lycopene in fresh tomatoes and blueberries works wonders. We also stay out of the sun for anytime longer than about 20 minutes from about 11am until approximately 4pm. It's amazing how few burns we get from that combo! (We had tons of blueberries and tomatoes while there.) If not eating right or out for more than 25-30 minutes during peak hours, then we use California Baby sunscreen. It's the best of a bad lot. I HATE the chemicals in sunscreen and seriously think they are bad news after the research I did. We are very careful about what we put on our skin.

    2:25 PM  

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