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    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Tricia's Car

    We were so blessed to have her around for another night this week unexpectedly. She has semi moved in since starting a new job up our way, but on Thursday after work her car. The battery had gone bad. I would jump, they would pack up the cables and get ready to go, the person would leave.... and it would cut off again. It did this twice before we just got it sent down to Dutch who found out her rear brakes were all but GONE, all the way down to 2mm. How great is He who made a minor problem so a massive problem would be addressed? We ran her around today, went shopping for Dory's new bathing suit and generally took care of a ton of errands. All made easier with Tricia's help while waiting on Dutch to finish up. He did a ton of work, and as he does, gave us an amazing price. He is so good to us. We are indeed blessed. Tricia is safe on her trip through the mountains THIS WEEKEND. Praise to Him on HIgh.

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    Blogger Stephanie said...

    I have been without my Jeep for almost a month now and I am also thankful that I have a "mechanic" friend who is keeping my Jeep in his garage and working on it as time allows him to do. This is the same place where my cd player was stolen, but like I said earlier, my Jeep is now locked in the garage, thank goodness! I am going crazy having to bum rides to college and work! Love ya!

    9:58 PM  
    Blogger KnitterMama said...

    i don't know who Tricia is, but I know car problems. Bummer for her, but it sounds like a good time for you!

    10:20 PM  

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