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    Saturday, March 29, 2008


    Translation: "Daddy's HOME!!!!"

    John took a serious red eye back from the Las Vegas convention on Friday night/Saturday morning. Very lucky for me, his Dad volunteered to pick him up from the airport so the kids and I were not up at 5am trying to get out there to get him at 6:20am. THANK YOU GRANDPA!!!! Anyway, we were all perfectly happy sleeping until Abby went NUTS barking and ended that. Dory was super excited and ran down the stairs to greet both Daddy and Grandpa and then curled up for a few hours while they both continued to sleep on the couch. Jack and I stayed upstairs, snuggled, nursed and slept just a bit more. When Jack finally came out of his morning stupor I told him Daddy was home. I got a huge hug that means, "I'm ready to head downstairs, pick me up! Let's go!" We got to the stairs and he wiggled out of my arms to go bump bump bump down the stairs in a near pooh style on his own. Dory heard us and proclaimed to John that Mommy was downstairs and John, still asleep, responded with a half groan. Upon hearing his voice, Jack squealed "EEEAAAKKKGGGGGAHHHHHH!!!!!" with sheer delight and picked up his bumping pace. It took Jack a few minutes to let go of Daddy and when John tried to go upstairs to take his jet lag nap, Jack nearly panicked. Poor guy. Missed his Daddy.

    Welcome back John!

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    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Awww, how sweet, Jack missed his daddy that is apparent! Hope the visit lasts long!

    5:07 PM  
    Blogger KnitterMama said...

    My husband travels a lot. he actually went to Vegas for a convention recently too and boy do our babies smile when he gets home. This sound from your son must have been awesome to hear. Sachi (your swap partner)

    9:08 PM  

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