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    Monday, March 24, 2008

    A good egg

    We love our eggs, as you already know since I post pics a few weeks ago of the green ones... but I was trying to make myself some cookie dough when this little egg made a resistance. It refused to crack! I know Dionne feeds her ladies really well, but geez! I was able to take a massive area of shell off without damaging the membrane beyond the initial crack. (The little spot of gleam.) It is an issue that is leading to more shell in my cookie... but I don't think I shall complain one bit. These are certainly GOOD eggs.

    (Yes, that is the compost ready to head out to John's worm farm.)

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    Blogger TK-899 said...

    Good to see stuff like this since we obviously can't check the insides of every egg we sell. Thanks, Jenny!
    -DEAN from blueharvestfarm.net

    8:17 PM  

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